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Report Dead Link

Report Dead Link


  • 1. This page is meant for DEAD LINK report only. Do not REQUEST.
  • 2. Do not repeat your report. Be patient and wait in line.
  • 3. Always be specific. Mention the file hosting you want us to reupload, resolution, codec, and/or quality type. If you can’t be specific, your report will not be fixed.
  • 4. Do not submit ‘ALL LINKS DEAD’ report. We will consider it as false report.
  • 5. Do not hit ‘reply button’ below someone’s comment. Just type your report on comment box.
  • 6. Only report if you got these kind of message:
  • File has been removed
  • File expired
  • File not found.


Links will be fixed within 2 to 3 days of reporting but sometime it can take more time due to long queue.


  1. Viresh kumar says:

    Sir please dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge movie de do

  2. Rashid says:

    Upload GREAT GRAND MASTI pls.
    I’m waiting from a long time.

  3. Ram says:

    Snowpiercer S3E3 AND S3E4 FILE NOT FOUND

  4. James says:

    The Jungle book
    Link Expired
    So please Fix it

    1. admin says:

      Links fixed now

  5. Ram says:

    Movie – Virupaksha (Netflix)
    Movie is not hd quality so link is only for webcam so upload best quality .

  6. dharm says:
    The kashmir files
    cod 404
    all link

    1. admin says:

      fixed now

  7. Muhammad Anwar says:

    Hello please upload ready player one movie in Hindi as soon as possible please

    1. admin says:

      Official Hindi audio not available

  8. Nazar says:

    Please locked this site

  9. Nazar says:

    Please don’t show in my phone

  10. DARSHIT PATEL says:

    please provide farzi shahid kapoor web series all episode in one file or all episode in continue in one video

    1. admin says:

      already there

  11. Vikramsingh says:

    Movie :-maharshi
    Showing result as 404 not found
    Fix it and provide this movie quickly

    1. admin says:

      I will fix

  12. Get back says:

    Movie – Limitless (2011) not found.

  13. Kaif says:

    Please uploaded Lucifer season 6 in Hindi

  14. Folra lehar says:

    Frozen 2 link is not working

  15. Ashutosh swain says:

    Movie:-ethatkkum thunindhagan
    404 error not exist
    Fix it

  16. abhay singh says:

    movie name- secret window
    all links are dead and not working. please repair as soon as possible

  17. vivek says:

    the stranger things link does not work S03 from episode 5 to 8

  18. Ashutosh swain says:

    Movie :-maharshi
    Showing result as 404 not found
    Fix it and provide this movie quickly

  19. Anonymous says:

    Movie Name- Jurassic park Camp Cretaceous 720p flitcher link is not working file not found error is there

  20. Aaliya Khan says:

    Dear sir
    How many times do I have to leave a comment or report for broken links??

  21. md amaan says:

    code: debugging the gender gap (2015)
    ye movie nahi hai please es movie ko upload krdo

  22. Aaliya Khan says:

    None of the links to Marvel’s movies are working. Please fix them. It always shows dead link or expired

  23. Karan says:

    Ala vaikunthapurmuloo movie link is dead.
    Please fix it.

  24. Kb2z says:

    Movie – Bird Box (Netflix) Not found.
    Please Upload It. Thank You.

  25. Sky says:

    Hey i want to watch,
    peaky blinders. Plz upload it even if it is available in eng only it’ll fine by me

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